It almost goes without saying that our energy consumption is one of our main impacts on the environment. How the energy our homes, shops, workshops, garages, farms, offices or factories is generated determines the amount of carbon emissions that we directly pay for.  In recent decades in many developed nations the cost of installing solar and wind power have dropped so steeply that they now outcompete fossil fuels, making them the choice of the present, as well as the future.  Options today range from selecting the greenest supplier, to generating your own, or even joiing neighbours to form a Community Energy Co-op. but energy itself is changing. The video below illustrates how Energy is becoming Synergy.

Find a sustainable energy purchasing strategy that suits you.

Find a green supplier

Electricity and Gas suppliers are not made equal. While some were set-up specifically to offer electricity from renewables and biogas, others… well, let’s say… not so much

Install solar PV/thermal

Installing your own roof-mounted  photovoltaic panels Рand possibly solar water heating too Рmay be the best way to add value to your home and de-carbonise its footprint

Energy co-operatives

Community energy cooperatives bring together neighnbours to buy or lease land, install wind turbines and solar panels to generate electricty that is then shared ‘at cost’