The coming year 2020 marks the end of the second decade of the Third Millennium and it promises to be the pivotal year of action for Climate. In November 2020  COP 26, in Glasgow, Scotland will need to make a superhuman effort to achieve the goals set out in the Paris accord, after the failure of COP 25.

Extinction Rebellion has  given a global voice to opposition to business-as-usual of dirty, harmful old tech. Now ordinary people are turning to old and new tech that is attracting an avalanche of investments, in sustainable enterprise.

From the manufacture of electric vehicles, plant-based and lab-grown meat, to the cultivation of new, as well as traditional plant-fibre yarns, as the world rejects plastics, fossil fuels and toxic chemicals, opportunities open-up in the alternative markets. Take a look at the growing directory that is being comiled on our sister site: Global Ethical market (GEM).

Jobs form the gas and oil industry are set to migrate to Renewable Hydrogen Production from wind, solar, tidal and wave electricity generation. Together with developments, like Aluminium-Air Fuel Cells, new tech is opening-up alternative, sustainable option for electricity storage, transport and distribution.

These are the future, and  if we, the consumers and investors create the demand NOW, we ensure there will be a tomorrow.

The Markets are waking up to the fact that people are increasingly voting with our wallets. As well as public protests and demonstrations, sit-ins and occupations, we need to act in large groups, syndicating purchasing, to control price and guarantee good income streams for suppliers who respond to the new demends of a Sustainable marketplace. Getting the message to commerce, industry and finance, that the Climate Crisis is our first and main concern, we need to move our purchasing power to support  ethical, green, sustainable business, not in 10 years’ time, but NOW!

So, if you are interested in co-operative action, whether in housing, food purchasing, enterprise or finance, visit our sister site, Planet Co-op, for news, links, articles and resources, how-to guides and videos.

Because the future is not competitive, it is Co-operative!

EN Roads, climate Simulators by Climate interactive